Monday, April 9, 2018

last week

on april 3, we presented and gave our ideas for out final star trek projects. i was thinking of doing some sort of object that pertained to the first episode.  In the first episode of Star Trek, TOS, they are captured and the aliens alter their realities by playing with their thoughts and illusions. My idea was to create an object that would be small enough for the ship mates to take with them wherever they go in order to maintain some sort of reality. Something that would let the "good guys" know that what they are experiencing is in fact reality, not a mind altering sub conscious.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Sunday, March 4, 2018

feb27/march 1

this week the first class was held at the downtown digital lab. we were able to see and start a few 3D prints. we started to understand how the machine deals with the layers, and the needs for certain machines, certain quality, and structural supports. hopefully, will be able to print my 3D chimera soon.

march 1- first class paper project critique. clearly, i have misinterpreted the intent of this project. the snowflakes did not turn out well at all. after seeing some of the other projects, i realized that mine was inadequate. after class, Thomas said there will be the opportunity to re do this project.
After seeing the others, the ideas i now have include a carousel or a wolf howling at the moon silhouette. I shall discuss this further and then decide which one will be more achievable.
Still working in mesh mixer to design a chimera. mostly working with rabbits, and adding crazy horns and/or feet of another animal.

reading about the shareable ready made.

feb 20/22

this week in class we were able to have time to work more on our paper cut outs.  i had originally planned on making a turtle, and when the machine wasn't able to print all the parts that i needed, i decided to make some snow flakes out of the remaining pieces. in class on the 22nd, we discussed the article that we were suppose to read "the new aesthetic"
we talked about The new aesthetic.

The medium is the message.
The medium shapes what we are concerned with. Every medium has a way of doing this. The way we see the world and our dominate behavior.

The digital has errupted humanity in a significant way.
The problem is: people are making art not for human beauty but for robots.

Military - the opposite of art. Industrialized. And the camoflauge is no longer made with organic lines. And its pixelated camo. Bc we survail with cameras now. Not human eyes.